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Why get this theme?

Because this theme has friends. When you get this theme you get them all! But most importantly, all the themes from Aftertype come with a marvelous feature called the Aftertype Assistant. What is the Aftertype Assistant? It is a utility that lets you manage and add services directly in your blog. Having an account...

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Not convinced? The definitive list

Not a member of Aftertype, yet? You can always join and stay with the free Starter Membership, but there's a lot more. Here is the definitive list to convince yourself on why you should be a member of Aftertype. Access to all premium themes. At least one new theme every month! Easy application of...

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One theme? Get them all!

Membership vs Single Theme Most of the time, you realize that a theme or service doesn't suit as you expected until you get your hands on it and really start using it! It is a lot better to have options and don't feel like a perfect decision needs to be made. If you are...

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Questions? Reach out!

There's a high chance that you have at least one question about this theme or any of the features that come with it. Please don't hesitate to send me your questions in any of the following ways: Going to the Aftertype Community and starting a new conversation. This is the preferred method because more...

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