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One theme? Get them all!

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Membership vs Single Theme

Most of the time, you realize that a theme or service doesn't suit as you expected until you get your hands on it and really start using it!

It is a lot better to have options and don't feel like a perfect decision needs to be made.

If you are a developer, you'll need different options for your clients.

If you are a blogger, chances are you'll want different blogs, different topics, and having quality resources in a single place saves you time, time you can invest in developing your content.

Aftertype is here to bring value! And NOT to ask for money just to grab a single theme.

All the blogs you want

In addition, you can use all the themes you want on all the sites you want. For any clients or for your personal projects. Only one restriction applies, you can't re-distribute the themes as if they were part of a third-party collection or marketplace.

Marcos Navarro

Marcos Navarro


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